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3 ways to get the house of your dreams
Posted on Saturday 10 de August de 2019

o get closer to the house of your dreams you have to get down to work through an action plan, since making the decision to buy a house means committing ourselves for several years to cover the cost. That is why it is very important to take into account these three paths that can lead you to have the house you have always dreamed of.

Family budget

The most realistic way to know how much we really have available to use to buy a house is to make a budget, when we do it we must be objective, so that we consider the expenses in working times and when things get more difficult.

According to the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, Infonavit, when making a budget you should consider the average income you received during the last 12 months, so that you consider both the “good” and the “bad” months .

Only take into account your normal income by payroll, that is, do not consider bonuses, benefits or prizes, since the latter may vary, it is better not to have them. For example, in case you receive commissions or tips, consider the amount you received in a “bad” month, that is, the time you received less, this amount is what you should consider in your budget.

Choose your home according to your budget

Once you have a budget attached to reality, the next way to go is to choose a house or apartment attached to that budget. Take into account all the features you need to inhabit it, here are some aspects to consider according to Infonavit:

Closeness with your work. Make sure that the home you are interested in is close to your job or that there is an efficient transport route that will take you to it.
Close to schools and hospitals. Confirm that the home is near schools, health clinics, hospitals, stores and markets.
Public services. Ask neighbors about the quality of services such as garbage collection, street lighting, drainage, water supply.
Adequate housing size. Make sure that the size of the house is suitable for your family and if it has possibilities to expand in the future.
Housing quality Make sure the materials are of good quality and that the house is in good condition.
 Basic services. Make sure you have basic services, water, electricity, gas.
Choose a credit

Infonavit has a variety of mortgage products to choose the one that suits you according to your needs, here are some options for you to make the best decision.

Infonavit Credit: If you are interested in buying new or used housing, build on your own land, repair, expand or improve your home or pay.
Total Infonavit: It is a mortgage loan in co-participation with a financial entity.
Cofinavit: It is a mortgage loan in collaboration with a financial institution to obtain a larger amount of credit by adding the credit that Infonavit gives you and the credit of the financial entity of your choice.
Cofinavit Additional income: It is a mortgage loan in collaboration with a financial entity, to which you can check other additional income to your formal income such as tips or commissions.
Infonavit Support: Subsequent employer contributions will be used to amortize the credit.