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How to choose our new home
Posted on Friday 08 de February de 2019


You should evaluate the best possible pros and cons of each offer and decide the best option when buying your home.

There are many aspects to take into account to make a decision that will condition our quality of life in the coming years, so to facilitate the therapy, here we present the main points to consider, we detail each of these groups.


Choose the area and environment where the home you want to buy is located well. A beautiful house in a place that does not fit your needs or preferences can become a nightmare ... Here there are many aspects to take into account, not of the house itself but of its surroundings that, once considered, can revalue it, or all otherwise.

1-Communications of the area and access time, both in public and private transport (good roads, traffic flow, the existence or not of different public transport and its periodicity). Try to time at peak times (entry to work, school entry and exit times) the time it takes to reach the places you usually need to travel.

2-Public services and surrounding activities, encompassing here from health, educational, cultural, associative services to the proximity of shops, restaurants and various leisure centers, playgrounds, garden areas or pedestrian streets. If what you are looking for a quiet area or without traffic can become uncomfortable if a large shopping center, a disco, etc. is located nearby. Increase day or night traffic.

3-Level of air and water pollution (industries in the area) together with noise pollution caused by the proximity of infrastructure (trains, airports, traffic) economic activities (certain activities such as markets, loading and unloading areas, schools, entertainment venues) as per the use made of the surrounding public space (bars, squares etc.)

4- Neighbors. Think about the type of community of neighbors with whom you will live and you will have to solve and face anticipated problems. In bungalows or urbanizations it is impossible not to suffer the consequences of schedules and activities different from their neighbors.

5-Security of the environment. Find out about it and about the security infrastructures of your urbanization or the area in general.

7-Plans for the future of the area: urban planning. A house located today in a place that will be completely different tomorrow ... Learn about the urban plans and programs of the area, municipality ... If it is a new area, especially important is that you approach your Town Hall and inform yourself of the plans that you They affect the area where your home is located: General Plan, Special Plans…. local regulations in force for the area. Be aware if your area may be affected by urban development programs of private developers ... These practices are being denounced by Urban Abuse

It is necessary to consider a number of things:

- Current and future foreseeable space needs.

-Price / m2 and its comparison with the prices priced in the area or province. -

-Real useful surface, that is the available square meters of use in housing, leaving out of the storage room, common areas, garage, galleries, etc. In this regard, it is essential that you give the data of the constructed area and useful surface of each element of the house.

-Closure of open spaces. Existing regulations regarding the enclosures of terraces and extensions in general of open spaces. Get information about the usual practices in the municipality where you shop.


Perhaps I was paying a high price for qualities that do not correspond to reality. Although the developer and builder of the home offer you all the guarantees regarding the construction (structures, finishes, etc.), you must pay attention to many other things:

-To the finishes in general (windows, insulators, materials, blinds, doors ...).

-Bathrooms and cooking. Qualities of areas that will be of intensive use: bathrooms, kitchen, etc. In general, in all households, important budgets are spent on the improvement of this type of facility.

-External insulation with respect to neighboring and exterior homes. Evaluate the noise protection of your home: double glazed windows, quality of doors, size of bordering walls.

-Technical themes. Let yourself be advised by friends who understand construction issues if you have questions, or consult an expert. Many houses have higher risks of settlements, cracks, dampness, etc. that an expert can predict. See Building Book.

-Preinstallations and equipment. Today, many homes have pre-installations and facilities for kitchens, bathrooms, air conditioning, heating, gas, satellite dishes, security, alarms ... You may be paying for