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How to prepare your house if you want to sell it
Posted on Monday 10 de December de 2018

If you are selling your house you will want to make sure that the house is decent to present it in the best possible way. This will help the chances of someone wanting to buy it, to sell it as soon as possible.


  • CLEAN THE HOUSE. First of all, clean the house, remove dust and do anything that makes it clean and shiny. This is an important factor in getting the house to look good.
  • REMOVE THE ACCUMULATED THINGS. People who want to buy a house want to maximize the amount of space, no matter how big the house is, if it is full it will look little spacious.
  • LET ME BETWEEN THE SUN. Buyers want a house that has light and ventilation. Open the curtains or put light colored curtains, if possible. Remove any obstruction that causes light to not enter the house.
  • REMOVE PERSONAL OBJECTS. If you want a potential to be the house as if it were theirs, not yours. Take out things like family photos or anything that is totally personal and your family.