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It is better to buy or rent a house?
Posted on Tuesday 09 de October de 2018

Buying or renting a house is often the dilemma of many people, it is not easy to reach a decision and commitment of that size. The advantages between one and the other of living will depend on several personal factors of each person, each saving, style of life plans.

Having approximately 10% to 20% of the value of the property, having an evaluation of your finances, you can define if you are in the possibilities of being able to acquire a home.

But if your lifestyle is changing, and it is difficult for you to save or your wealth formation is focused on other priorities, rent is the best option you will have.

We will give you things in favor of renting or buying a home.


  • Having different debts and therefore little liquidity
  • Do not count on extra money for the costs of buying a house
  • I just arrived at a certain place due to work issues
  • After a separation or divorce
  • Bad credit history in the Credit Bureau
  • It is cheaper to rent than to pay the monthly installment of the mortgage loan
  • If I rent I can live in a better colony
  • If I buy house I lose mobility to change jobs
  • I prefer to have a more comfortable quality of life


  • Over time it allows you to become a family asset
  • You force yourself to save during the life of the credit
  • They say that the goods serve to remedy the evils and you can sell the property in case of an emergency
  • It gives you economic and emotional stability
  • Properties are a good investment, since with the passage of time they are always worth more
  • Eventually it is a patrimony that I will leave to my Family and will help them financially.